Self Esteem Confidence Workshop

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Finding Balance Workshops:

The first step to coping with stress is finding out what causes your stress. Get a free individualised wellness assessment to find out what aspects of your life are thriving & those that are causing stress. Working to attain balance will help reduce your stress.

This workshop is run one day a week for 2.5hrs over a 4 week period or within 2 full days or over a week end.

Goal Setting Workshops:

Set yourself up for success by setting goals that are appropriate for where you are right now.

We’ll walk you through the process of creating specific goals and habits to help you live the life you want to live.

This workshop is run one day a week for 2.5hrs over a 4 week period or within 2 full days or over a week end.

Coping With Stress Workshop:

Feeling stressed is one thing in life that you can always count on.

In this workshop, you’ll be introduced to common coping skills to acknowledge your triggers and enhance your wellbeing strategies

This workshop is run one day a week for 2.5hrs over a 4 week period or within 2 full days or over a week end.

Groups, individuals & organisations certainly see the benefits of these workshops & our holistic therapy sessions for all ages to have an understanding of where to go & how to get there – that flows with the self empowered messages of life while, living with a purpose.

Our health & wellness workshops and seminars can help your clients, students, family members, friends, employees proactively manage a wide variety of issues – from victimisation, anger management, depression & anxiety, behavioural, trauma, isolation, obesity, abandonment, general health & fitness, mental issues and your wellbeing.

Early bookings are essential!

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  • Meditation
  • Role Plays
  • Affirmations
  • Art
  • Craft
  • Movement
  • Drumming
  • Laughter
  • Creative Play
  • Too enhance our true spirit which enables to break free from the ego or the victim mentality
  • To be able to see one – self as worthy people again…

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