Art Therapy

Art Therapy for all ages

Art therapy, as the name suggests, involves creating art as a therapeutic tool to help facilitate emotional growth, and promote both mental and physical healing and recovery.

Creating art gives individuals the opportunity to express themselves more freely, gain insight and self–awareness, and work through difficult emotions in a manner that’s quite different from – and perhaps less intimidating than – traditional counselling or talk therapy.

Clients- young, old and in-between- can explore their feelings, reconcile emotional conflicts, foster self–awareness, manage behaviour, develop social skills, improve reality orientation, reduce anxiety and increase self-esteem.


Creative art, a therapeutic tool

Art therapy is practised in mental health, rehabilitation, medical, educational and forensic settings – as well as in practice, in workshops and small–group settings.

Clients come from all works of life, facing a full array of challenges. Individuals, couples, families and groups can all benefit from various art therapy formats.

Art therapy is an effective treatment for persons experiencing developmental, medical, educational, social or psychological impairment. A key goal in art therapy is to improve or restore the client’s functioning and his/her sense of personal well being.

Art therapist are trained in both art and therapy

A grounding knowledge of human development, psychological theories and counselling techniques.

A Complete Therapeutic Solution

Art therapy is used with children, adolescents, adults, older adults, groups, families,
veterans, and people with chronic health issues to assess and treat the following

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Benefits of Art Therapy

  • Promote self-expression, feelings, and emotions
  • Help facilitate a positive perspective on one’s life
  • Help children work through difficult experiences
  • Communicate personal emotions
  • Installs constructive techniques to self-manage
  • Increase one’s awareness and orientation
  • Develop fine & gross motor skills, finger dexterity & speed
  • Further insight, empathy and acceptance of life challenges
  • Promote problem-solving skills
  • Help to explore, manage, and provide insight into traumatic experiences
  • Empower’s a voice to those receiving therapy
  • Help increase attention-span

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