Welcome to our Train The Trainer Courses

Welcome to Empowered Therapy and Training

Our Train The Trainer courses provide an opportunity for professionals to learn how to empower others and deliver an experience that will change the lives of others.

All handled by a very credible with a high reputation in Therapy and Training, an NDIS registered and Founder and CEO of Empowered Therapy and Training, Teressa Everton.

Empowered Therapy and Training Offers:

  • Authentic Professional Speakers Training with Certificate
  • Drumming Facilitator with Certificate
  • Laughter Facilitator with Certificate
  • Domestic Violence Awareness (DVO) level 1
  • Domestic Violence Awareness (DVO) level 2

We are also hiring people who have the potential to become a part of our company. We would be extending our hand to those who have enrolled in our online courses and pieces of training.

Welcome to Empowered Therapy and Training


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