Domestic Violence Awareness (Level 2) 2-Day Course


In our Domestic Violence Awareness Level 2 course, you will learn the existing legislation surrounding domestic violence to protect individuals.

You will also learn more about:

  • Creating a Victim-Friendly Work Environment,
  • Domestic Violence (review from Level 1 course)
  • Domestic Violence and Law Enforcement
  • Domestic Violence and the Workplace
  • Healthy Relationships

What is a Domestic Violence Order?

A domestic violence order (DVO) is an official document issued by the
court to stop threats or acts of domestic violence.

Keypoints: DAY 1

  • What is Domestic and Family Violence?
  • What is DVO or Domestic Violence Order?
  • How to Apply for a Protection Order?
  • What Happens in Court?
  • What if I’m Served?
  • Understanding the Conditions of a Domestic Violence Order

Keypoints: Day 2

  • What happens after the DVO has been served?
  • Living with new beginnings
  • Self care and safety
  • Impact on children
  • Trauma informed support
  • Exploring options and safety planning
  • Community awareness and prevention
  • Referral pathways and networking
  • Who am I?

How do we deliver it?

We will review the key elements of domestic violence in relation to the
behaviours that are experienced by both the abuser and the victim. In this
course you will learn that controlling and coercive behaviours are at
the foundation of all kinds of domestic violence, where the abuser seeks
to gain control of the victim through various kinds of violence and abuse.

Who best fits this course?

This course is designed, for those who interact with domestic and family violence services and organisations, including victims who are participants of programs and those who are assessing support organisations.

By the end of this course, you will be qualified to?

Facilitate training in Raising Awareness About Domestic and Sexual Violence. Empowered Therapy and Training also offers participants an opportunity to speak to one of our Events and workshops related to Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse.

Locations: Virtual and/or Face to Face

We provide an advanced Online learning platform accessible from anywhere 24/7. If any of the participants wanted to further their training, we provide recorded sessions and training modules they can finish at their own pace and time.

Please get in touch if you’d like more information and for group bookings (corporation, schools, and other groups) we can tailor our courses and group prices to meet your needs – Email us at referrals@empoweredtherapyandtraining.com

What’s Included:

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