Welcome to Quantum Leap Coaching

Welcome to Empowered Therapy and Training

Teressa Everton, founder and CEO of Empowered Therapy and Training presents: The 2-hour Online Workshops.

Our “2-hour Online Workshops” are similar to an online course in that it is collaborative, interactive, and a shared experience. We create an environment where people can connect and find as much meaning and growth from connections they make as we do from the content and structure we provide, just like we do at our regular face-to-face workshops. 

All content will be delivered digitally, via a combination of live video conferences, recorded sessions, offline exercises and tools, and an active community chat and content sharing platform throughout the experience.

Each online workshop provides attendees with engaging, interactive adventures that will help them recalibrate their intention, reinforce their mindset, and improve their mental health in transformative ways – both in life and in business.

What is Quantum Leap Coaching?

Quantum Leap Coaching, is a powerful coach system that moves beyond traditional
performance coaching into transformational coaching.

It is an in-depth understanding of how change works, how the mind-body-emotion technique creates experiences and how to identify the leverage points that will allow an individual or corporate system to reach its outcome.


Quantum Leap Coaching

Online and /or Face to Face

10 Weekly Empowering Individual Sessions With A Qualified Therapist


Don't Discover New, Discover You - Who Am I?

Unravel the True Self to gain Greater Results (1 x - 2 hour sessions for 10 Weeks)

Quantum Leap Coaching, is a powerful 1 on 1 therapeutic coaching program that moves beyond traditional performance coaching into transformational coaching, where you get faster results.

Extra Healing Supports

Tessa's Healing Hands - Angel Readings

(1 on 1) 1-Hour Virtual Individual Readings