Accessing NDIS

NDIS Application Process

The NDIS Access Request Form is now available to download via the NDIS website.

Anyone who thinks they might be eligible for the NDIS, can download an Access Request Form (ARF), and a Supporting Evidence Form (SEF), work with their GP, allied health, and specialist medical professionals to prepare and provide the information required.

Anyone who thinks they are eligible for the NDIS can:

  • phone 1800 800 110 and make a verbal access request, or
  • download and complete the ARF on your computer and email it to the NDIA with supporting information, or
  • download the ARF on your computer, print it out, and mail it to the NDIA with supporting information, or
  • email NAT@ndis.gov.au and ask for an ARF to be mailed, or
  • contact your local NDIA office and asking for an ARF to be mailed to you.
    Local NDIA and Partners in the Community Staff can also help you apply. 

Access Request Form and supporting information

Gathering your information can take time. Please take all the time you need to complete the form before returning submitting it to the NDIS.

Your Access Request Form needs a signature. If you are completing it digitally, you can use a digital signature. You must complete the digital signature last.

If you make any changes to the form after you have signed it, you will need to sign it again, at the end.

If you are unable to sign your Access Request Form with a digital signature you can phone 1800 800 110 and make a Verbal Access Request.