Group and Centre-Based Activities

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Group and Centre-Based Activities

[Group/Centre Activities]

Empowered Therapy & Training’s Centre Based Activities and Groups promote socialisation while offering both worker facilitated and self-directed capacity building activities.

Participants are welcome to undertake activities independently within the space, participate in facilitated workshops or a combination of both. All activities are participant-directed and only limited to our participant’s imaginations. Program activities include:

  • Life Skills development – eg: grocery shopping, cooking, personal care, gardening,
    household tasks
  • Improved Health & Wellbeing – eg: health & wellbeing awareness and education, group fitness activities, walks, swimming, yoga
  • Literacy and Numeracy – eg: tailored programs to suit learning ability, money handling, budgeting, reading and writing skills
  • Recreational – eg: ten pin bowling, music, dancing, picnics, art and craft
  • Community access – eg: library, music works, community events, shopping, museum, art gallery, volunteer groups.

Participants engage in both centre-based and community activities and are encouraged to contribute to weekly activity planning. Programs facilitate practical learning opportunities for life skill development and support clients to explore their personal interests.

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