Kool Kids Life Skills Learning Programs

Kool Kids Life Skills Learning Programs

Founded in 2007, Kool Kids Life Skills Learning Program is the first company Teressa started when she came back to Australia from Taiwan. As a Teacher in Taiwan for 7 years and 15 years in Australia, Teressa has discovered how to make students passionate participants in the instructional process by providing project-based, participatory, educational adventures. Teressa counsels students as they grow and mature.

Helping them integrate their social, emotional, and intellectual growth — so the union of these sometimes-separate dimensions yields the abilities to seek, understand, and use knowledge; to make better decisions in their personal lives and value contributing to society.

About Kool Kids

Here at Kool Kids Life Skills Learning Programs, we not only specialise in tutoring, but we also offer a variety of other activities; such as outings and camps as well as workshops for your child.

We take a holistic approach to the education and development of our future generations. We work together with the whole family and focus on every child’s individual needs and passions and love watching children evolve into something many never thought possible.

If your child suffers from lack of confidence, learning difficulties, anxiety, depression, bullying at school or simply faith in themselves, please contact us to discuss how we can assist your family and most importantly your child. Watch as your caterpillar turns into an amazing Butterfly!


Empowered Therapy & Training Life Skills, Literacy and Numeracy 10-week program

At Empowered Therapy and Training, we provide primary and secondary online and face-to-face tutoring. At family-friendly prices, you can boost your child’s confidence and life skills through a fun, caring, and friendly environment. We go above and beyond to meet our students’ individual needs. If you’re a migrant looking for a few English prep classes, come join us for our IELTS sessions!

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Wellness Workshops

Drumming Circle Workshops

Laughter Yoga

Why Choose Kool Kids

Kool Kids offers tutoring in all subject areas, from primary through secondary school.

Online Tutoring

We offer amazing online tutoring services for those who live too far to travel

Special Needs

Here at Kool Kids Tutoring, we understand there are children who uniquely approach each and every learning opportunity.

Expert Teachers

STLD (Support Teacher Learning Development) teachers are appointed to schools.

International students

Kool Kids Tutoring offers the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) assessment – which is the world’s proven English language test.

Help Your Child

All children have areas of strength and areas in need of further development. Teachers and parents must all work towards extending students’ strengths


Our Day Activity programs provide the same benefits as our Camps, however, these are not overnight camps, making them ideal.


What our wonderful clients think!

Our Tutors Offer

We Are Dedicated & Trained Teachers


Founder & Director of Kool Kids Tutoring
Trained Teacher & Tutor for over 15yrs
Master Secondary & Primary Teacher
Specialised in English, ESL, IELTS & Drama subjects
Motivational Speaker
Mind Setting Facilitator
Current Blue Card Holder

English and Maths (Primary)
ESL, Reading and Spelling

Introductory Reading and Maths
Primary  +  Adult + Adolescent
Literacy and Numeracy

English and Maths
Primary and Secondary

English Literature
Primary and Secondary

English and Maths
Primary Teacher

Double degree in arts and education(honours)
TESOL certificate IV
Honours certificate (AMEB) Australian Music Examination Board for Piano Practical
ACER certificate in literacy and numeracy
English Tutoring

English and Maths
Primary Teacher