Understanding Children In Care

Supporting families of Special Children

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These key areas will be addressed in the workshops by focusing on attachment and re-attachment issues that children in care face while understanding how to communicate effectively.

Understanding children in care workshop will focus on:

  • Supporting children who are fostered or adopted
  • Nurturing attachment through attachment theory and its impact on attachment and exploration
  • Care giving and its impact on attachment and exploration (characteristic of attachment relationship and exploration of behaviour and how it changes through childhood development).
  • Patterns of attachments
    • Secure attachment patterns
    • Organise insecure patterns
    • Disorganised/controlling attachment patterns
    • Non-attachment
  • Difficulties in development through the impact loss and trauma
    • Attachment, relationship and development moving into foster home
    • Supporting children with the experience of loss and separation
    • Helping children recover through early trauma of adverse parenting and safe placements
    • Parenting children with difficulties experiencing relationships as secure
  • Understanding attachment theory and how it influences parenting.
  • Increased feeling of safety for children through therapeutic help.
  • Parenting a child who has not learned to selectively-attach
  • The model for parenting a child with difficulties in:
    • The challenge of parenting children
    • Understanding your child’s attachment history
  • What is empathy?
  • What is meant by attunement relationships?
  • What is a family atmosphere?
  • The use of family rituals and claiming behaviours to help children feel that they belong
    • Helping children who are angry
    • Finding and being aware of stress and coping mechanisms
    • Helping the children to enjoy being a part of the family
    • Managing special difficulties: lying, stealing and self-harm
    • Managing risk of suicide

Understanding Children in Care Workshop Includes

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