Behind the Mask: Shaping the New Normal for the New Generation


We’ve been hearing this all over; Preparing everyone for a new “normal”. What is the new normal? What happens next? How long this will be?

It was a matter of people adapting to a new normal. And wondering how many “new normals” we’ll need to adapt to once this pandemic is over.

But, how does this impact the new generation? For all Parents?

We have this feeling of being overwhelmed by constant adjustments and confused about what the future has become, as it is part of our new “normal.” And for most of us, normally looks very different than it did two years ago.

However, if a child is really is struggling with this adjustment, what can parents do?

Children are known to thrive with an established routine. However, their usual day-to-day processes have been turned upside down due to the pandemic. So, what can we expect from children in this new normal?

Everyone is already adjusting to a new way of doing life, with remote job tasks, virtual learning from home, and social distancing. It is very important that parents should discuss and work through all the processes with their children.

One of our most important jobs as parents is to prepare today’s emerging children and teens for the harsh realities ahead while maintaining a positive mindset. And in reality, a growing number of students are caught between the desire to return to their friends at school and the worries of getting infected with the coronavirus.

Teens and pre-teens may be experiencing increased negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, anger, frustration, or grief. These emotions need an outlet, and parents may notice some changes such as increased behavioral issues or more moodiness. There might be some, (possibly) that can adjust easily to all of the changes.

Parents can take their lead from children. If a child or teen asks the question or asks for information about the ways of new normal, it is usually appropriate to answer and provide information for their own protection. Keep information simple and informative.

Children definitely pick up on the stress level in their environment. We are not only dealing with stress in the home due to all of the changes and health concerns but also community and even global anxiety due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Adults should be mindful of how their own conversations and behaviors might impact their children. Parents should take measures to quell their own anxiety and manage stress, which will reduce the overall stress level at home and provide a good role model for kids and teens in managing stress and anxiety.

What is some advice on how to help children stay focused on their tasks at home or school (online)?

Creating a routine at home is really beneficial for your child to help them stay focused.
They should have a set wake-up time and bedtime, just as if they were going to school. Also, keep meal times consistent.
Have scheduled time for schoolwork, house chores, exercise, relaxation, and family time.
Having a schedule will help children adjust to their new normal for “now”. And parents might have to check on them routinely to make sure that they are sticking to the schedule!

Do you agree?

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