COVID-19 Update: Online Services Available


Good afternoon everyone,

Have you, your clients, participants, staff and their families been affected by COVID-19?

Empowered Therapy and Training has noticed an increase in anxiety, depression and fear leading into worry and anger surrounding the unknown, as cases of Corona Virus rise.

In light of these recent events, Empowered Therapy and Training in conjunction with Kool Kids Tutoring will be offering ONLINE play-based therapy, counselling, support work and tutoring sessions NATIONWIDE for all your participants, clientele and staff members. Our support workers will provide online guidance and weekly check-ins for participants and clients.

Read more: https://mailchi.mp/e58e4f42b014/covid-19-update-online-services-available-at-empowered-therapy-and-training-in-conjunction-with-kool-kids-tutoring

About Empowered

Empowered Therapy & Training is a Mind Setting / Therapeutic company divided into theses major services: Art Therapy, Laughter Therapy, Drumming Therapy, Sandplay Therapy, Drama Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Empowered-Mind Setting Workshops, Seminars, Webinars & Training.

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