If You Change your Thoughts, Your Life Will Change

Mind Setting (Level 2)

2-Hour Online Workshop


What we think impacts everything. You heard this a lot, but it’s not until you consciously shift the way you think about something and see the results that it sinks in. Along the way, I’ve changed my mindset about many things big and small such as relationships with friends,classmates, family, only to see the relationship changes dramatically.

I’ve shifted my mindset about fears and anxieties only to see them disappear or diminish.I’ve shifted my mindset about my health and lifestyle, and they’ve changed for the better. It makes a huge difference. People like to tell you it’s about hard work to justify the hard work they put into things, but it’s never about hard work. It’s about the mindset.

By the end of this 2-hour Online Workshop, you will have an awareness of what it is you want, you’ll have conceived a vision for what that looks like, and you’ll have an actionable plan to start to take steps every day to get you closer to alignment between your career and your life.

If you’re chugging along in your career, personal relationships and outer relationships in life and at a crossroads, and feel the need to stop, evaluate, and design your next step to make sure it’s intentional, then this Mind setting Level 2  Online Workshop is for you.

The majority of people are making effort to change, but the life defeats them because they simply have not been taught the rule of the game of life.


This 2-hour Mindsetting Online Workshop (level 2) is designed to fix that by giving formulas for real-life learnings.

Understand this before we start... that the biggest hurdle you have to jump on yourway to personal success is the one you cross when you overcome yourself

Mindset is not the main thing, it’s the only thing.

  • eg. change your thoughts, watch and listen to what comes out of your mouth, which is followed by your actions or reaction

You have to “Change” to get what you want

  • “If how you are now” were working, you’d already have reached your goals.

You have created (manifested) everything in your Life!

  • Expect personal responsibilities then you are halfway there.

Blame is for losers as you choose how you feel!

  • What you believe is what you get. If you change your beliefs, then you will change what you’ll get.

Getting what you want out of Life involves going inside yourself.

  • You can hope that the rest of the world changes and starts to make your life easier- or you can go to the source.

Nothing on the outside will change anything on the inside!

You already have everything it takes, to have everything you want.

You just need to follow our recipe of Life.

On the upside, we need to be taught how to have it all.

In this 2-hour Mindsetting Level 2 Online Workshop you will get:


"If you can change your thoughts, you will change your life - this is MIND SETTING!"

What's included?

If You Change your Thoughts, Your Life Will Change

Mind Setting (Level 2)

Retreat Price: Normal price is $1500 per participant, but today's price is $750 per person.

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