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Helping your child to become stronger, clearer and more independant.

How Ipswich families benefit with therapy for kids

Therapy for kids Ipswich is helpful for families that have kids with special needs. The fact is, children develop in their own time. There are various reasons a child may need therapy for kids Ipswich. Whether it’s due to a medical condition or an external event. Therapy for kids Ipswitch can help make life easier. Empowered Therapy provides support to families both in the school and home. 

So that your child can adjust to their environment in a safe and healthy way. Is your child dealing with unique developmental challenges? It’s important that you find the right kind of counselling for kids. Our therapy for kids Ipswich team can help improve your situation. So that your child can carry on with life in an optimistic and productive way.


We're An NDIS Registered Provider

The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) will eventually provide around 460,000 Australians aged under 65, who have permanent and significant disability with funding for supports and services. We’re proud to partner in this journey of support.


Empowered Therapy provides a range of therapies and counselling to help individuals and families. To find out how we can help, please enter your details below.

Reasons for child developmental issues

There are many factors that can trigger issues with a child’s development. Sometimes it may be due to a medical condition like autism. Other times it’s due to external events, such as:  

  • -Divorce
  • -Trauma
  • -Death 
  • -Loss 
  • -Grief 
  • -Violence 
  • -Accidents

And there are times where it’s a combination of internal and external problems. Whatever the cause, having a child that is suffering is a stressful situation. If left untreated, the matter can go on to impact your child’s adult life. For example, your child can develop a lifelong pattern of relationship attachment difficulties. Rather than enduring through the problem… Getting therapy for kids Ipswich can change your life for the better

Helping kids develop hard and soft skills

As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. Empowered Therapy works closely with your family to provide our services. 

Our strategies will help your child build positive relationships. Whether it’s with their parents and siblings or friends and peers…We help kids develop life skills that will help them enjoy life, including: 





A good therapy for kids Ipswich service also helps with the practical side of life. Every day procedures like meal time, bath time, dressing etc shouldn’t be a battle. Empowered Therapy will help introduce routines. So that you can start enjoying a calmer environment at home and school.

Art Therapy and training
The 'Parent/ Child Connection' Workshop was an eye opener for me as a parent & my teen child. It helped us to reconnect & except our differences. Thanks so much for taking us away from the technology & now communicating face to face again.
Wendy & Maddi
Brisbane, qld

Play therapy for kids Ipswich

Empowered Therapy provides play therapy and art therapy for children. The purpose of play therapy is to provide a safe space for kids to work on the five senses. Children with developmental difficulties often need help with exploring their environment. First, we observe how your child interacts with the environment and with other people. 

From here we put coping strategies in place to correct limiting or harmful behaviour. Whether it’s working on their creativity during play. Or learning how to share, take turns and generally get along with playmates. Therapy for kids Ipswich can help your child with learning how to enjoy play.

Habit correction therapy for kids Ipswich

Aggressive behaviour from a special needs child can put strain on your family. Children with developmental difficulties can bring harm to themselves and others. This can escalate to an intolerable situation if not handled early on. A child with special needs will get into the habit of their own ways. 

And as time goes on, it can be hard to break the cycle. Our approach to therapy for kids Ipswich helps reduce violent behaviour. We reinforce and reward good behaviour with positive consequences. And we help your child address frustration and negative feelings when they get upset.

Child Anxiety Treatment

Support services for the youth and elderly

Are you a family who could use some help in and out of the home? Empowered Therapy provide support workers for both the young and old. This includes youth, elderly and all ages in between. 

The clinic is also registered as a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider. All youth and elderly NDIS participants have a planned NDIS budget. This budget gives recipients access to Empowered Therapy’s services for free. Community support workers play a very important role in alignment with therapists. Empowered Therapy community support workers assist youth and elderly in the following areas: 

-Travel to and from appointments 

-Support with life skills 

-Help with daily duties 

-School drop-off and pick-up 

-Assistance with medication 

-Help with cooking/meal preparation 

-Some light house work 

-Entertainment/recreation activities And more…. 


Therapists and community support workers work in cooperation with each other. The NDIS program provides vulnerable community members with the support they need.

We’re passionate about therapy for kids Ipswich

When you’re choosing a child psychologist, it’s crucial to find the right fir for your child. The Empowered Therapy team is passionate about therapy for kids Ipswich. Our children’s therapy centre helps children of all ages, from toddler to school age kids. We can assist with a wide range of mild-to-moderate development issues. Aside from working with kids, we also provide parent consultations. 

It’s our belief that a holistic approach to therapy for kids Ipswich is best. Empowered Therapy are there for you in your journey towards a happier family life. Are you looking for therapy for kids Ipswich such as child anxiety treatment or similar? Empowered Therapy provide services for: · 

  • -All ages  
  • -Individuals  Groups  
  • -Support workers 
  • -Dietitians  
  • -Relationship building and more 

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Your 'Next Steps'

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