Nova Maree Peris OAM


Empowered Therapy & Training

Official Ambassador

Nova Maree Peris OAM is an Aboriginal Australian athlete and former politician. As part of the Australian women’s field hockey (Hockeyroos) team at the 1996 Olympic Games, Nova was the first Aboriginal Australian in history to win an Olympic gold medal.


Nova Peris Talks

Emotional Responses to Challenges

Nova Peris Talks

Hurdles Faced as
a Single Mum

Nova Peris Talks

Keeping Contentment,
Peace and Harmony

Nova Peris Talks

Overcoming Challenges

Nova Peris Talks

Role Models & Mentors
and the importance of
Support Systems

Nova Peris Talks

Learning & Teaching
Resilience as a Single Mum

Nova Peris Lists Her

Tools & Strategies for
Helping Children

Nova Peris Discusses

What She Would
Do Differently

Nova Peris Gives

Advice For Parents