Mindful Parenting Bootcamp #1

Understanding Teens and Their Emotions

2-day Virtual Online Bootcamp with Parents/Guardians and preteen/teen

19th - 20th of March 2022 | Saturday - Sunday | 10 am - 3 pm


It’s normal for teenagers to feel cheerful and excited some days,and down, flat, low or sad at other times. It’s also normal forteenagers to want more privacy or time on their own. In theteenage years, these emotional ups and downs can happen moreoften than they used to, and they can be more extreme.

In this Virtual Online Bootcamp, parents/guardians will

Day 1

Day 2

When teens feel intense emotions, they sometimes push those feelings away. That can be true even if the emotions are good ones, like pride, love, or joy. Feeling our feelings can be scary and overwhelming.

Attending this Virtual Online Bootcamp will help your childbecome more comfortable experiencing what is happeninginside them, instead of self-medicating with drugs or alcohol ordistracting themselves with technology or entertainment.

"My parents believe that I am the only teen that is... lazy, stays uplate, has a messy room, lives on their laptop and constantly texting."

Emotional intelligence can be the most potent weapon in our armoury. It helps boost your child’s self-awareness, self-control,motivation, empathy, and social skills, all of which helps them become much better leaders, in this world.

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What's included?

Understanding Teens and Their Emotions

Bootcamp Price: Normal price is $1500 per participant, but today's price is $750 per person.

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