Mindful Parenting Workshop #2

Understanding The Children Of Today

2-Hour Online Workshop

April 19, 2024 | Friday | 10 am - 12 pm


Parents and professionals focus a lot on children’s behaviour. Is the behaviour appropriate? Is the child well-behaved? How do we address children’s behaviour? A psychologist suggests that paying attention to behaviour alone can lead to misunderstanding and misdiagnosing our children.

In this 2-hour Online Workshop, Teressa Everton will focus on helping the parent understand their child better. It is when you work on the relationships in the family—between the child and parent, between both parents, and between siblings—that you begin to understand what’s truly going on for that particular child.


This is a 2-hour Online Workshop journey of empowerment!

We are the children of today
We are the ones that got away
We are the future left unsaid
It’s our time to change the world…
Who are we?
They call me the next generation.
or is it the Y generation,
or the X generation?

What is the next generation?
T millennial generation,
born and shaped fully in the 21st century,
And the first generation that in record numbers will see in the22nd century as well
And that’s why we call them Generation Alpha.

Hence why parents are much more available to listen to their child, really hear what the child is saying when they feel okay.When they’re stressed, it’s easier to lash out or assume the worst.

Here's what we will be covering in this 2-hour Online Workshop

Through education, a child learns socialisation, or what is needed to be an appropriate member of society.

Thinking of the child's mind as a Tabula Rosa, or blank slate, and whatever comes into the child's mind comes from the environment

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What's included?

Bootcamp Price: Normal price is $1500 per participant, but today's price is $750 per person.

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