AUTISM Social Skills Courses For Families


Empowered Therapy and Training focuses on growing options and support for parents of children with autism in Australia.

Amazing Skills for Kids & Teens now offer two Autism courses to help improve social and general day to day skills.

AUTISM Course 1: PEERS social skills course (Ages 13-35):

  • How to start conversations that feel natural
  • Ways to keep conversations flowing more easily
  • Finding reliable sources of quality friends
  • Electronic communication – Do’s and don’ts
  • Appropriate use of humour
  • Entering group conversations and playing your role within the group.
  • Exiting conversations – When, how and why to leave conversations gracefully.
  • Get-Togethers – How to plan for social events & steps for enjoying social times.
  • Guys & Girls – How to talk & interact confidently with both guys & girls
  • Handling disagreements
  • Handling direct bullying
  • Handling indirect bullying
  • How to be confident in the real world – friendships, workplaces, families etc

More info at: https://www.amazingskills.com.au/peers

AUTISM Course 2: Secret Agent Society  (Ages 7-12):

  • Recognise emotions in others
  • Recognise their own emotions
  • Express their thoughts and feelings in appropriate & calm ways
  • Know strategies for handling feelings of anger and anxiety
  • Communicate with others in ways that others are open to
  • Play with others, using strategies such as taking turns and negotiating
  • Handle mistakes, transitions, surprises and unexpected problems
  • Strategies for building and maintaining friendships
  • Knowing how to deal with day-to-day issues that come up in friendships
  • Recognising the difference between playful joking and actual bullying
  • Strategies for prevention and handling of bullying and teasing

More info at: https://www.amazingskills.com.au/sas-secret-agents

NDIS Funding Options:

  •  ‘Improved Daily Living’
  • ‘Increased Social & Community Participation’ etc.

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