Parenting Facts Behind the Picture


While it is true that every family is different, there are some experiences, observations, and feelings about parenting that go without saying—literally. And although you can’t really comprehend them until you’ve actually been there, it seems like no one warns you ahead of time about these truths either.

So, whether you’re a first-time parent or you’re expecting your seventh child, you’ll likely be able to identify with several, if not all, of these startling, and sometimes funny, truths about parenting. Check out our list of cold, hard parenting facts that must’ve to warn you about.

1. Parenting is way harder than you expected.
In fact, most parents assume the newborn stage with crying babies is the hardest season of parenting. But, wait until your teenager starts to drive or date. You will long for the days when your biggest worry was whether or not your baby had a nap.

2. You will become a baby interpreter.
For a while, you will be the only one who can understand your kids or know what they are saying. So, you will basically become an interpreter for them and find yourself saying things like: “He’s hungry,” “She’s asking for milk,” or “They are afraid” or “They just want mum cuddle”.

3. Your own faults will be mirrored by your kids.
Whether it is your high frustration level, your inability to focus, your messiness, or your constant procrastination, you will see these things in your kids. And, it will make you cringe. After a few times of witnessing these bad habits, you will soon realize it’s the little version of you that you’re dealing with and that’s when you want to become a better person.

4. You will become a completely different person
You will hone your ninja skills.
Whether it is slipping out of baby’s room at night unnoticed, sneaking into your preschooler’s room to get your book, or getting up without waking a sleeping child, you will learn to slip in and out of situations like a ninja.

5. Parents Fashion Update
Leggings, sweatpants, and sweatshirts dominate your wardrobe.
You may not notice it and you never thought it would happen, but here you are. You are wearing the typical mum or dad uniform. After all, you are too tired to care half the time. So you opt for ease, comfort, and cotton.
You will hold off on spending money on yourself if it means buying a special toy for your kid.
And, it will give you more joy than you ever imagined. That’s why mums become known for wearing comfortable clothing. They are spending all their money on the kids.

6. Your At-home Friday Night Changes Completely
Eventually, your Netflix account only suggests kids’ shows.
You won’t realize this is happening until suddenly it does. It’s a Friday night, and you finally have a few minutes to sit down and watch an adult show. But, the only thing in your list of recommendations is the Disney princesses and Spongebob.

Being a parent is an emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausting job! Sometimes it’s going to feel like you’ve got so much pent up inside, you’re about to explode. The solution? Cry it out. It’s not a sign of weakness. It’s okay to break down and cry sometimes. Crying allows you to release stress, and more often than not, you’ll find yourself feeling better and more relaxed after a good, healthy cry.

You don’t have to be perfect in front of your kids.
You can even have fun without the kids and still be a good parent.
You will laugh more than you ever thought possible.

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