Who am I? The 5 Effective Tips to be the Best version of You!


Who am I? 

Who am I behind the mask? This is one question with so many answers yet, difficult to choose from.

Every day, we wake up and put on a mask that we feel we needed to use that day. If you are a parent, you put on your best parent mask while driving your kid to school. If you’re a boss, you put on that “respect me” mask to make sure your employees would listen to you. If you’re in a customer service business, you put on that “how can I help you” mask. But behind all these masks we wore every day, which one is truly the real us?

When someone calls my name, I look back and think, is this name me? What is it that defines me? My body changes over time, and my mind changes like the tides as well. Even something that I was so sure about in the morning can change in the afternoon depending on circumstances. If you look at the sky, clouds flow in the sky, the clouds’ shapes vary, and clouds float in the wind. Everything in the world changes just as the sky changes. But is there something constant and eternal existence in the world?

Who am I?

We are losing ourselves in our daily lives while we are living.

Human beings cannot find true happiness and the meaning of life simply through pursuits of happiness and material abundance, because humans are spiritual beings.

What makes humans different from machines and computers is that we have feelings. There is a dignity and divinity that only humans have.

However, human beings have lost their inner divinity.

Human beings think real happiness is “out there” and so they have been busy living up to the standards of wealth, honour, love, and success which is idealized in society, instead of looking within.

So, You have to find happiness on the inside, instead of seeking happiness on the outside, in the material world, because Truth exists within you. So you can recover the inner divinity, the true nature.

You should know the answer to Who am I ? Then You can live like the owner of your own life and won’t live as a slave to your false ideas and customs. Such a fake life has only futility and has no meaning.

To find the true self or true mind, you must eliminate the false mind. If you throw away the false mind, only the true mind remains, Truth will be inside you. And it will set you Free.  Free to express who you truly are and free to be the best version of yourself.

Be the best version of Yourself
Be the best version of Yourself

Here are the five effective tips to be the best version of You!

  1. To be the best version of yourself, take the small steps towards what you envision yourself to be. 
  2. Stop pleasing others. Stop living up to somebody else’s expectations.
  3. Slowly but surely, there is no shortcut to becoming the best version of yourself.
  4. Accept help from other people. Do not let pride get in the way.
  5. Appreciate what you are doing in the present. Celebrate the small wins.

There is “no” right time to get started. Start today! It doesn’t have to be drastic. Start your journey slowly, baby steps. Breathe along the way. Allow yourself to see the world from a different angle. Stop wearing masks, and let them know the real you. Your unique self, your caring nature.

Exist as an overall happier person and start making your progress.  Launch the best version of yourself, and allow the world to embrace and acknowledge the person behind the mask.

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