Wise Parenting: Indoor Generation – Ways to Make it Healthier


We can’t deny it. Younger generations are spending more time indoors than outdoors.

They seem to spend a lot of time playing computer games, watching movies, and updating social media on their phones.

But, are we really blaming it on the pandemic alone?

The coronavirus pandemic plays a big part in the world’s changes. And it doesn’t choose as to what generations or era you are.

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But let’s face it. Technology arises way back even before the lockdown was globally implemented. There are already a growing number of people who spend the vast majority of their time indoors.

Spending so much time inside isn’t great for physical health. No outdoor activity or even a relaxing walk in the park was done. Poor ventilation at home can also lead to dampness or mold and can trigger asthmatic symptoms and other health issues. The air inside our homes or public buildings can be more polluted than outside.

Let’s read more and relax!

Setting aside travel goals for now. We’ll tell you ways to make a healthier indoor generation.

One step at a time

Let your child go to the backyard for a walk or play before the sun goes up or down and feel the refreshing breeze. Walking releases natural pain­killing endorphins to the body – one of the emotional benefits of exercise.

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Bookworm Buddy

Introduce indoor activities such as reading books that can improve memory, knowledge, and spark your child’s imagination and stimulate curiosity. This helps develop your child’s brain.

Al Fresco a la Mood

Yes, you read it right. Change your usual family lunch or dinner. If you usually eat at the dining table then switch it to outside dining at least a few times a week to give yourself a break and enjoy a respite from being indoors. Make eating al fresco a fun part of family life and everyone will look forward to time spent outside and twists everyone’s mood.

Music and Color

Coloring is therapeutic for kids and adults! Print some coloring pages and put on some music to the background. This will brighten everything up and encourage your child to hold on to those paint and brushes.

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Not-so-bore Board Game

Encourage your kids to put away their devices and play board games. During isolation like this, it’s an excellent time to play board games to pass the time and bond with your children. Create fun rules to make your sessions more exciting.

Gardening for all seasons

Spend time together planting and beautify your garden. Gardening can also be fun. It can be on a simple container anything you can find useful at home. You can teach your child to plant vegetables and herbs too!

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What will save us is not technology or science. What will save us is the ethical transformation of our society. Creating an out-of-the-box environment during the current situation will make you closer to your family. Let’s break out of the cage and introduce a healthier era for the indoor generation.

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