Desperation: 3 Things You Need to Know


How do you Define a Desperate Person?

Desperate meaning:

The Urban Dictionary defines the word “desperate” as: “Someone who wants something so badly they will go to extreme lengths to get it.”

Full Definition of desperation (From Merriam Webster)

a strong feeling of sadness, fear, and loss of hope

  • 1: loss of hope and surrender to despair
  • 2: a state of hopelessness leading to rashness

Almost everyone has felt fear, hopelessness, and/or loss in their life.

  • When someone you love is diagnosed with a fatal disease and there’s nothing you can do to change it.
  • When you get fired and can’t keep up with your bills.
  • When you’re bullied at school or work, and you can’t stop it.

Some people are so overwhelmed by their situation and the emotion that comes with it … they do something rash and/or stupid.

Life events define who we are as people and spiritual beings. Not everyone self destructs when life appears almost too overwhelming to bear. If you can breathe and take a moment to exist, you can move on. Take solace in the fact that nothing in life ever stays the same. Who knows what the next moment will bring?

How does a Desperate person Behave?

  • You make yourself too available
  • You make disproportionately large personal sacrifices
  • You beg, plead, suck up
  • You act like a “yes man”, always supporting and agreeing with everything said
  • You act like a groupie, follower, bunny chaser.
  • You always do what someone says
  • You are willing to embarrass, disrespect, hurt yourself for another’s gain.
  • You refuse to let someone or something go when it is futile
  • You are blinded to clear social cues that you are not welcome

But how do we overcome Desperation?

Basically to overcome desperation you need self-respect. You always need to look after your own needs as much as you do others.

It might look like a generic suggestion but there is no other solution other than holding on to faith when one tends to become desperate. There is no replacement for prayer, meditation & faith during a difficult moment. This alone will move you out of desperation and it is important because, the moment, one is desperate, even God cannot help, as desperation is equivalent to moving away from the protective hands of the Divine. When we are feeling helpless, we would always wonder where our tomorrow would come from but a tiny divine intervention can change everything. You need to believe it because only when you believe with all your heart, the magic would unfold in your life.

Providence comes in some form when one needs it the most. It may come in the form of an unknown person. It can be someone crossing the park while having a conversation with somebody else over the phone. It can be a professional therapist who can guide you and walk with you through the process, or it can be a friend. As a child of God, you don’t need to plead with anyone for anything. You just need to wish for what you seek in the right state of mind & take the right action. And wait for the magic to unfold.

But, as I stated, desperation is anti-opportunity & so, keep the faith on. 

You might get your opportunity in this week itself”

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Who am I: Have You Ever Reached The Point of Desperation? Presented by: Teressa Everton

Have you reached your tipping point?

It makes you feel there is no way out, you can’t breathe or think because you know that it’s akin to jumping off the titanic whilst it’s starting to sink as the lifeboats are full! On a less graphic note, we all at some stage feel this sense of being overwhelmed by a situation we see no way through. That probably is the best way we could describe it.

The feeling when you have lost almost all hope or ability to reach a goal. You will do anything to still achieve it.

Desperation can lead to temptation, which is a product of self-manipulation

Don’t make desperate situations make you do desperate things.

Never allow yourself to be so desperate that you end up selling for far less than what you deserve

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