Crumbling Parenting: 5 Tips to Avoid Your Child from Cyberbullying


The global coronavirus pandemic poses its own challenges to the safety and well-being of children.
The word “cyberbullying” itself is a very sensitive one. And parents all over the world can not even stop it from happening.

Giving kids cell phones may give parents peace of mind, but it comes with heavy responsibilities. And let’s accept that nowadays, kids want to be in the loop even if what’s going on is totally unimportant.

They are becoming tech-savvy at an increasingly early age. While the benefits of technology cannot be denied, parents need to understand how excessive social media exposure can impact the mental and emotional development of children, preteens, or teens.

So many things may be happening leaving children embarrassed, humiliated, hurt, or harassed. Fortunately, there are some great solutions for parents to monitor what’s happening on their kid’s mobile devices.

5 Important tips on how to protect your child from cyberbullies

Tip #1: Teach children to be aware of sensitive topics.

Hot trending topics are very tempting. Teach your child to be respectful to others as the internet is a mixture of all races, religions and etc.
Everybody has their own opinion, but there are certain topics that your child should be aware of and be mindful of especially when giving out his/her opinion online.

Tip #2: Never post private and personal information

There may be instances that the entire area of the house or even the neighbor’s backyard will be posted online.
But, keep in mind that these are personal properties and information should be considered very carefully as this will affect private life.

Personal information includes name, address, phone number or even car plate number should not be posted online as well.

Let your child know that they do not even have the right to post’s someone else personal information. This is also considered a criminal offense.

Tip #3: Not everything you see and read online is true.

Fact: Photo and video editing are common these days.

Just because a profile picture looks like a little girl does not mean it is a young girl behind the screen.
Teach your child to never chat or accept any online friend requests unless they have met in person.

This also goes to news and other unconfirmed videos and photos.

Tip #4: Consider emotions before responding to messages or posting comments.

So, we get it! There are trending topics that other people have already posted online. And your child may seem to find it very interesting to a point where his/her opinion is different from others.
This may lead to heavy arguments and unnecessary conversation.

Keep in mind that when a person is emotionally unstable, words and judgment are sometimes clouded.
Be open with your child on how to handle responses and what’s the bad effect of irresponsible comments.

Tip #5: Don’t be a Cyberbully.

Yep! It’s true! Educate your child not to become a cyberbully. Teach him/her how to respect others and what are the consequences of being a cyberbully. He/she might not want to experience the depression that other victims are experiencing.


Today’s electronic devices are used for almost everything in the world and have become an integral part of our lives.

If your child is attacked by a cyberbully, not only should IGNORE & BLOCK it, but keep the messages as proof or evidence.

Save any messages and show them to an adult. The police, website, or internet service provider will be able to use these messages to block an account or bring criminal charges if applicable.


Do you have any additional tips?
Tell us what you think.

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