Digital Children: Responsibility and Privacy


Digital Children: Responsibility and Privacy

Parenting has never been easy. But the worldwide introduction of smartphones and the rise of social media has given a new spark of concern to the challenges of parenthood.

How will we persuade our children about being responsible digital netizens?

Do you set device rules for your child?

Are they free to do whatever they want on their devices or giving no limits on games, movies, and other online activities?

What is the best approach to giving rules and responsibility to your child on devices?

The Alpha generation is also called digital children.

It’s a good idea to talk with your child about device responsibility without disrupting their privacy. Sometimes, teens or pre-teens tend to get mad especially referring to private stuff through their phone.

As a parent, how confident are we that our child is safe from the dark side of online technology?

Now, let’s talk about phone-time and phone-free time and get these

6 rules to set with your child:

1. – Your child must answer your calls and texts. Teach them a specific sign when to identify an emergency call or just you checking them regularly.

2.- Allow them to use their phone to get in touch with friends or listen to music. Do not go over their privacy. This could help them grow socially and emotionally.

3.- Depending on your child’s age, they must always ask permission before downloading new apps.

4.- Do not let your child watch movies on their phones. A desktop or laptop would do. By this, you can monitor what exactly they’re watching and could guide them to be responsible movie-watcher.

5. – Your child can use their phone but not all the time. We know that nowadays, the cellphone is the teen’s most important accessory. They have it with them all the time. Set a schedule when exactly can they play games or watch movies. Limit their phone usage. Explain how this can affect all aspects of their health.

6.- If your child is younger, you might need to remind them that it’s their responsibility to keep the mobile phone charged and safe. Teach them the importance of keeping their devices safe and undamaged.


Children need to learn about using their mobile phones to communicate in a respectful manner. This involves not creating or sending disgraceful photos and messages that could hurt them or someone.

Tell them how dangerous it could be if they use their devices irresponsibly, and teach them how to respect everybody’s privacy.

As others say; ‘Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous Master”

Using a phone considerately is an important part of being a responsible digital citizen.

Truthfully, parents tend to be so busy. But if we keep on ignoring and leaving our children to their devices at home, the consequences will not be good.

Teach and show children about nature, the non-digital world that should be seen and explore, as it is one of the most important events in their lives.

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